As is well known, I am very active on Social Media. This includes twitter as PaulHBeckwith, Facebook as Paul Beckwith, and YouTube also, as PaulHBeckwith. This new website is essentially completed, and aggregates much of my work over the last few years. Moving forward, I will continue to focus my message on abrupt climate system changes, and you can expect to see a lot of new content, especially in videos and blogs.

To date, my videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 166,000 times. Among them, the top 20+ videos have seen close to 110k views.

My main strength is in taking scientific information from a vast array of different climate change fields (including, but not limited to glaciology, oceanography, meteorology, paleoclimatology, permafrost and marine methane, biosphere, soils, etc.) and distilling out the important elements and connections between elements to determine what the overall system is doing, find out where it is heading and in what timeframe.

I then break down my findings and explain them in everyday language to the general public, without any sugarcoating, just as I see things.  In summary, I have a great appetite for teaching and explaining complex climate system change science with clear, simple, and easy to understand presentations (oral and visual).

It is very important that the general public understand the enormous risks that society faces from the rapid climate change that is underway so that they can apply pressure to effect change in their politicians and governments at all levels (federal, state or provincial, and municipal) to try and deal with the problem. When this pressure reaches a critical threshold, I expect a tipping point in human understanding and then behavior to address abrupt climate change.

As an educator, I also believe that making the presentations and movies more entertaining helps me to get the message out, and so I continue in that vein, for example with my selfios (self-filmed videos as I am walking the streets, for example). As more and more information on climate change enters the public domain, it becomes even more important to provide concise and relevant information that is as accurate as possible.

Please peruse the various menus for different sets of videos; shown below is an example of one of my very popular videos:

A selection of some of my most popular videos appears here, under Special Videos, as well as under Other videos. Please peruse the Menus for the entire selection.  

[This is active work FYI and not inert.  There are 91 videos by Paul (70 shown at this time, 32 at this site currently), and some 40 to 50 of Videos, by Others, which we have definite plans to carefully share, near term.  ** Notably about 13 to 15 of the latter have been carefully selected aggregated by timeliness, value, view count.  ** Think manufacturing or production: ‘quality, speed, cost’ (in this case: ‘pick two’).  Investment:  PE, EPS, sentiment.  Liquids:  GPM, static pressure, rate.  Electrical:  volts, amps, resistance.  Wed_18-Nov-2015, dk]


4 Responses to Videos

  1. Douglas hayward says:

    Paul I am extremely frustrated at the fact that their are so many complacent people in the world who just don’t care or have any sense of urgency about the climate crisis we are facing, it is,
    In my mind , incomprehensible, and yet this is the way it is. With that being said, my question to
    You is this. Would you be interested in writing a book with me., that would hopefully be turned into a major Film , with major actors, so we could shed a brighter light on this. I have an outline , which depicts Events leading up to this massive release of methane. And it’s after affects. If you are interested, Please contact me , Douglas Hayward. My e mail is below, Thank you


  2. GR Hollman says:

    Putin has more leverage over Trump than other entities. Can you and other like minds form a scientific coalition to contact Putin to study your website and direct our MND/ASD Trump assh to action? Putin could dictate Trump comply and watch your videos out of self interest their common denominator.


  3. Paul, do you have just a complete ‘library’ of all your videos? I see you have sections of new videos, special videos, etc. But I’m curious about different subjects you’ve made videos on and want to make suggestions but wanted to search to see if you’ve already made videos on them first. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks! Shayna


  4. Christopher Sutterley says:

    Paul, Do you go out on the road and do speaking tours. If not maybe you should. I think there are lots of people who would pay to listen to your thoughts. In particular, I would like to see a discussion of the many tipping points we are approaching and time frames. Maybe there is some money in it too. Thanks for your hard work.


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