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Paul Interview, Extinction Radio End 2016 & Start 2017, After Peter Wadhams

Here is Paul on Extinction Radio Episode 62, 28th Dec 2016 titled:  ‘Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Tim Garret‘.  He is on Part Two, from 0:00 to 52:45, about 52:45 long.  After discussing year end then President Elect Trump, he then talks … Continue reading

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Interview On Extinction Radio, Following Gail Tverberg Feature

Extinction Radio was great to start.  And it was great when Gene Gibson, Ivy Cone, and Peter Melton stepped in.  And to the delight of us all, the show has been back up for several months, with show original founder Mike … Continue reading

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Feature Interview, at Extinction Radio

Feature interview with Mike Ferrigan, on Extinction Radio:  Paul Beckwith, Wednesday 05 October, 2015.  Link to website with prior episodes and profiles is here. By all means, please listen to all of the show, but if short on time, starts … Continue reading

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