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The Coast is Toast, Faster and Faster, Global Sea-Level Rise

Global Sea-Level is Rising Faster and Faster: Part 1 of 4 // Published on Jan 14, 2017 In  discuss new science and impacts of quickly increasing global sea levels. This is not a problem for 2100, but for NOW.     … Continue reading

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Paul Interview, Extinction Radio End 2016 & Start 2017, After Peter Wadhams

Here is Paul on Extinction Radio Episode 62, 28th Dec 2016 titled:  ‘Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Tim Garret‘.  He is on Part Two, from 0:00 to 52:45, about 52:45 long.  After discussing year end then President Elect Trump, he then talks … Continue reading

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Interview On Extinction Radio, Following Gail Tverberg Feature

Extinction Radio was great to start.  And it was great when Gene Gibson, Ivy Cone, and Peter Melton stepped in.  And to the delight of us all, the show has been back up for several months, with show original founder Mike … Continue reading

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Climate Emergency in a New World Order with Paul Beckwith

Here is Paul’s interview with the ever astute and consummate Deb Ozarko, ‘warrior of truth, cultural revolutionary, status quo crusher, and passionate lover of life, here to welcome your bi-weekly dose of authentic expression‘, on The Unplugged Podcast 115. Podcast … Continue reading

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Completely Misinformed on Climate! For Mayhem, Pick One: Trump, Fox, HRC?

Paul’s Podcast on Extinction Radio follows the Part One feature interview with esteemed Truthout.org writer Dahr Jamail for Extinction Radio Episode 58 2nd Nov 2016. This is also follow by ‘Jennifer Hynes in Conversation with Mike Ferrigan’, which is also very good.  Her … Continue reading

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Feature Interview, at Extinction Radio

Feature interview with Mike Ferrigan, on Extinction Radio:  Paul Beckwith, Wednesday 05 October, 2015.  Link to website with prior episodes and profiles is here. By all means, please listen to all of the show, but if short on time, starts … Continue reading

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Beckwith Tries to Save Arctic Sea Ice

Beckwith tries to save Arctic sea-ice.   Sorry Folks, Arctic Sea-Ice On Last Legs // Published on Sep 8, 2016 Arctic Sea Ice has been pulverized, hacked to pieces, smashed to smithereens; you can use whatever phrase you want.  See … Continue reading

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