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Click here to make a Donation to Paul Beckwith(Climate System Scientist) at PayPal.  You do NOT need to have a PayPal account. Very easy to do with a credit card.

Your generosity is very much appreciated. It will be put to good use to ensure the continuation of my work producing videos and blogs that educate people about the enormous risks that we all face from abrupt climate change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


85 Responses to Please Donate to Paul

  1. William Manwaring says:

    I am not a scientist but I find your videos very informative and I have learnt a lot from them. May I ask you if you would be willing to explain or give your views in a future video about the important concept of climate sensitivity. My understanding is that the forcing would be about 5.35x In(2) = 3.7 watts per sq. metre for a doubling of CO2 from 280 to 560ppm, but how do you calculate the increase in temperature please? The consensus seems to be about 3C. Theoretically, would it help to cool the planet if we painted buildings white?


  2. Dorian and Tom says:

    Hello Paul,

    Your messages are also reaching Europe. We’ve just donated 350 CAD which is a large sum of money for us, but we find your videos of the utmost importance and hope you can keep making them to spread awareness.

    Thank you for efforts and keep up the good work!

    Dorian and Tom from Kranenburg (Germany)

    PS: May I suggested setting up an Patreon account next to your paypal option? That makes it much easier to do recurring donations and maybe a very good channel to reach other people.

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  3. Warren Frogley says:

    Very happy to support you financially Paul, your expertise and ‘tell it how it is’ approach with just the right amount of alarmist helps me rattle some cages here in New Zealand. Your ‘teaching’ session are great, as are your frustrating moments like this latest with Maria going Cat 5.
    Did you ever get to the bottom of the 2012 vs now discrepancy with the PIOMAS sea ice volume graphs vs the Polar Portal sea ice thickness images? Would love some clarification, surely the data is not being manipulated?


  4. Signe Ulstrup says:

    Thank you for your work.


  5. Marion Troia says:

    Update… Donating via CC finally worked!
    I really enjoy the videos, keep up the good work Paul, you’re one brave scientist.


  6. Mark slater says:

    Paul I figured out how to stop abrupt climate change in regard to making the planet cool rapidly instead of heating up.

    I came to a realisation that earths magnetosphere is decreasing because of the increase of machine’s made, electric grids, high magnetic’s used it hospitals and machines like the hydron collider! Every single thing we humans make with a magnetic field will disrupt earths own magnetic field. If only by I little am out. The more machine that have been made over the past 30 years, the weaker the earths field has got. So to stop the atmosphere heating up we have to decrease the amount of magnetic’s we use. The earths magnetosphere will recover stopping the solar radiation. Make a video on that. You can credit me for the idea to save our planet. Mark slater


  7. Mark Goodin says:

    Thank you Paul for being so wonderfully human. You remind me of me. I understand the feedback systems in the Arctic but was wondering why it was getting all that heat in the first place. It took me two days to remember one of the first things I learned as a little one about the North Pole: in the summer, the sun never sets. You might consider reminding the other old fogeys out there of that important little fact.


  8. Gerry Grimes says:

    thanks for your work Prof Beckwith. My 3 main sources of climate info are: Professor’s Paul Beckwith; James Hansen;and Peter Wadhams. My advice to politicians would be to examine the work of these 3 scientists, and they will be best informed of what to plan for our environment. Unfortunately, I dont expect your average stuck up politician/ lawyer type to take any advice from these 3 excellent climate experts.


  9. Lee says:

    Thank you very much for your total dedication and hard work Paul. Very informative and easy to understand. If only everyone would turn off their tv’s, phones, their me me me social media and learn something.
    Lee Russell, Gold Coast, Australia.


  10. augustswift says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your vigilance and persistence, acting as a global citizen scientist – can’t be easy yelling into this storm. I believe your teaching, highlighting and translating of this vast and critical topic serves us all. I’d miss or not grasp much of it, if not for sources like yours. I don’t seek perfection just a dedication to discovering what is true. This, I think, you do.
    So, hear hear! I’m happy to support your work (I’m often stuck supporting far less meaningful things…) a.s.


  11. Mousewoman McCoy says:

    Paul, due to some madness in the world of PayPal, I’m unable to donate to you by credit card…PayPal insists I have an account, which I do not. Infuture may mange to link up new PayPal account to new bank account, but for now, can you accept a US dollar check? If so, give me an address to post to? Best wishes!


    • Jim Reeve says:

      @Mousewoman McCoy I’ve got the same problem you have. I tried to make a $200 contribution but Paypee kept interfering.


    • Judith L Macdonald says:

      Thank u! I have learned so much from your vids! When/where are u moving to?
      If possible i plan to move to the same general area; please tell us soon as I need time to make realistic plans. Stay centered, Judith Macdonald, Braintree, Vermont


  12. Cat Lover says:

    Hey Paul,
    Just wanted to express my appreciation for all your hard work! You the Man!
    Really exited to hear the latest on the subject or negative carbon emissions.
    Maybe get a bitcoin address people can lend to. It would be easier than PP.


  13. St. Beckwith;
    You are our global ‘First Citizen’! If/when the world holds criminal trials for those responsible for directly assisting climate catastrophe, your warnings will be cited as evidence against them.
    Thank you for your persistence.


  14. David George Campbell. says:

    You are the only scientist I support. Thank you for your hard work.


  15. Appreciate what you’re doing Paul. I don’t really understand what you’re explaining, but appreciate getting a sense of it. Sent you money. Keep up the important work.


  16. Gwen Rosengren says:

    Was able to donate via paypal without account using just credit card. It was easy! And worth it, I have learned so much from your videos. Thanks …. but I hope humanity gets its act together – soon!


  17. Aidan Luce says:

    Thanks Paul. Have sent a donation. Hope it helps, though it’s all I can afford.


  18. Gerardo Figuerola Garcia says:

    Thanks a lot Paul for the great job you are doing. Your work is most important and you really deserve donations! It helps most, whenever you sharply connect the dots, without too many super details, as you are doing lately in the “arctic monsoon” videos!
    Just one little question: Speaking in terms of “exponential”-change sounds wrong. Accelerating or amplifying should be the right word, isn’t it?


  19. Paul, you are one of the most important human beings on the planet right now. I am happy to support you with a donation because we cannot lose your voice. Your work seems endless and I think we need to make sure that we remember to appreciate all the work that you do. Sometimes you must feel as though you are hitting your head against a brick wall however – but some of us are listening and thanks to your work, we understand climate change so much better. Thank you from Australia and thanks from Amelia too (my Siamese) she loves watching your videos. Thanks – Dr Jules.


  20. Glyn jukes says:

    thanks Paul. ive left a small donation from one person fighting against our own species’s distruction to another. But unlike youI dont have your higher level of understanding. instead I have to rely on getting arrested whilst causing as much inconvenience for the fracking industry that is now getting established here in britain. But that brings me to my main point picking your brains. what do you see as the main climate implications for north western europe having an ice free artic summer. my understanding is limited but following yourself and prof wadhams, the weakening of the gulfstream is a significant issue. but if you could flesh out in more detail than the level I am at, a meandering GS locking in bodies of air for longer either very hot or very cold like we have seen both here in 2018, it would be greatly apprieciated. many thx Glyn


  21. Clara Halfin says:

    Thanks for all your effort and for the patient and interesting way you impart your knowledge…


  22. Leslie says:

    Your videos are fantastic. I learn so much and because you explain things so well, I’m able to pass that on to others in conversation. The sign that you are an exceptional teacher. We are really counting on you. I’ll keep sending money. Heartfelt thanks.


  23. Hi Paul,

    My PayPal donation got refunded about a month after I sent it… not sure why either. Maybe it was because it was in English pounds? But I will try again tomorrow.

    I just wanted to ask as well, what are your thoughts on Jem Bendell’s work?

    He is a huge hero of mine, along with you and Stuart Scott, and I was just curious to know what you make of his outlook.


  24. Jonathan Odlum says:

    Hey Paul, just donated another 100 dollars…..left your group for a while due ti+o eco logical/emotional breakdown. Anyway it passes and I am back and am in total gratitude for the work you put in………enough said…….Jonathan Odlum.


  25. Deirdre Ryan says:

    Hi Paul,
    happy to donate, you’re a wonderful teacher. I really appreciate being able to learn from you anytime of the day, especially now.
    Sincerely, Deirdre


  26. says:

    Hello Paul. As I’ve said before, you’re a little island of sanity in a sea of nonsense when it comes to the exciting world climate chaos. It seems like everyone without a scientific education has a running theory for the fires, weird weather etc. and I point them to your channel hopefully to learn something or at least just to see how science works. You’re a great resource and I’m glad you’re there.


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