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Three More Videos On Tornadoes: Ottawa,

Nonlinear Tornado Damage With Rapid Climate Change / Sep 29, 2018 This video is the last of four on the science, dynamics, and consequences of tornado swarms that will become more frequent in northern states and Canada.  The first video ‘Our … Continue reading

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Methane Venting Over Arctic Sea Ice — OSFAS Lecture, WBAI Live

Methane Venting Into Air Over Arctic Sea Ice // Published on Apr 27, 2018 Humanity, we have a problem.  We are venting methane into the Arctic. Why?  How much?  How fast? What does it mean for abrupt climate change? What does it mean for … Continue reading

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Last Gasp Arctic Sea Ice Death Rattle

Last Gasp Arctic Sea Ice Death Rattle // Published on Jan 30, 2018 Elaborating on my last video; I take a cold, hard look at the reality of vanishing Arctic sea-ice. All signs point to an Arctic in collapse.  Cold … Continue reading

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