Typhoon 台风 Mangkhut hits Philippines, Hong Kong on way to 中国 China

Typhoon 台风 Mangkhut hits Philippines, Hong Kong on way to 中国 China, One // Sep 16, 2018

By all measures, Typhoon 台风 Mangkhut is a monster storm. While the eyes of the West have been preoccupied with Hurricane Florence, a much larger and more powerful storm razed the northern Philippines, is causing large damage now in Hong Kong, and is heading to 中国 China. In my last two videos I examined, in great detail, the latest science on Super Storms, and here I show you specifically how Typhoon 台风 Mangkhut is further evidence that abrupt 气候变化 climate change has made our planet a very dangerous place.

As bad as these storms have been, the consequences to cities could have been much worse. Last year, if Hurricane Irma had not veered at the last minute, it would have razed Miami and the east coast of Florida, causing a trillion dollars of damage. If Florence was a bit further north it would be dumping its multi-trillion gallons of water on the major cities of the eastern USA like Washington, Boston, Philadelphia.

We need politicians who understand the reality of climate change consequences.
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Typhoon 台风 Mangkhut hits Philippines, Hong Kong on way to 中国 China, Two // Sep 16, 2018

Typhoon 台风 Mangkhat. Buildings were rolled over onto other buildings. Massive trees were uprooted. Construction cranes were toppled over. Seawater surged into the city streets, and the storm surge broke into the lobby’s of buildings. Skyscrapers lost their external panels, and swayed for several hours.

As catastrophic as this typhoon 台风 damage was to Hong Kong and southern 中国 China and the Philippines, the western media was focused instead on Hurricane Florence dumping trillions of gallons of water on North Carolina, and refusing to leave. These massive Superstorms, simultaneously striking heavily populated regions on opposite sides of the planet are not freaks of nature. They are children of abrupt 气候变化 Climate Change, and those children are growing and getting stronger all the time. Watch out.

  • Denying 气候变化 climate change is criminal, in my opinion, as abrupt changes accelerate around our planet.
  • We cannot trust our lives to rich old white men who dominate the corridors of power.


These statistics show the power of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, CNN, Updated 2:37 AM ET, Sat September 15, 2018

Here are some statistics that show Mangkhut’s power:

  • Mangkhut was the strongest storm anywhere on the planet in 2018, with wind speeds at one stage of 285 kph (180 mph).
  • Mangkhut made landfall of 165 mph (270 kph), 75 mph (120 kph) stronger than Hurricane Florence that hit North Carolina on the same day.
  • Typhoon-force winds stretched for 270 kilometers (168 miles), the distance between Paris and Brussels.
  • It is the strongest storm to make landfall in the Philippines since Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and the strongest to make landfall on the Philippines’ northern island of Luzon since Super Typhoon Megi in 2010.
  • On Luzon, more than 30 million people were expected to face tropical storm-force winds.

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