First Blue-Ocean Event in Arctic

First Blue-Ocean Event in Arctic: Part 1 // Apr 27, 2016

I discuss the state of Arctic sea ice. Will we have a blue-ocean event this summer, or in the next few years? What are the global implications if this happens? How will the climate system rearrange, and what will happen next? I ponder these extremely important questions, that will affect all people on our planet. Most people are oblivious to what is coming quickly, and will soon reach a state of panic.
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First Blue-Ocean Event in Arctic: Part 2 //

I further discuss the state of Arctic sea ice.   Also please consider supporting my work. Easy to use Donate button through PayPal here.
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As you know, Alex Smith is always a favorite of mine, and I was on his Eco Shock Radio show from April 6th, where he ran ‘a slightly edited audio version from‘ my ‘important You tube videoChat on our ABRUPT climate change EMERGENCY“. This just has to get out there, and‘ he is ‘happy to offer Radio Ecoshock as another way to express how serious our situation really is.

Saying also, that I explained that ‘the shift in climate is coming much faster than most scientists expected. If you want proof, just try this Google experiment:  Google “climate change” and “faster than expected”, “unprecedented”, etc. and you get gazillions of science articles. Google “climate change” and “slower than expected”, etc. and you get squat.“‘

You are encouraged by all means to listen to the entire show, but if you need a short course, my segment starts at 23:55, here.
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Additionally, I am also mentioned on his post from April 20th, called “Waking Up To Abrupt Climate Change“, where he says:

During this past week, climate scientist Paul Beckwith ventured into our darker places. Paul is frustrated with scientists who are constantly surprise the climate beast is roaring already, in so many ways. The global community has had 21 COP meetings, the Conference of the Parties to a Treaty that has done nothing to stop escalating emissions and commitment to a climate-damaged future.

Maybe, Paul wonders, a regional nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would stir up enough dust, to block enough sun, to cool us down for a few years. The dust of a decent sized nuclear explosion would spread throughout the northern hemisphere, likely cooling the planet an astounding one to one and a half degrees, within weeks. It might put a halt to the wildly growing melting of Greenland. The cooling might save the last of the reflective Arctic Ice cap.

Paul’s second video on local nuclear war, explaining further, is here.

It’s not just Paul talking about this. You can find a 2010 article on the same subject by respected scientist Alan Robock (and Brian Toon) as published in Scientific American here.

Paul explains we have lots of nuclear weapons. Just one big one from Russia or America would do the job. The cooling would last at least five years, maybe ten. Of course then the world would jump to new heat levels, because we’ve just hidden another ten years of huge greenhouse gas emissions under the nuclear cloud. Maybe we’d have to blow off two the next time.

As Beckwith stands in front of a screen explaining nuclear winter, I spy in the right hand corner another graphic explaining the nuclear explosion would also demolish most of the protective ozone in the Northern Hemisphere. Those who go outside without wearing a protective bag would ratchet up their risk of cancer. Everyone would have to wear eye protection to prevent blindness – at least everyone who could afford the special sun glasses. I suppose that didn’t happen during nuclear tests in the 1960’s, but then many seniors are getting multiple skin cancers. I just had one removed.

The whole project goes crazy, and Paul knows that. I think he’s just telling us how serious this climate shift is, how we We are deluding ourselves about climate action, and the fact that we are not ready to cool the planet in this emergency.’
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About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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7 Responses to First Blue-Ocean Event in Arctic

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    To wit remedy involves application of Law of Thermodynamics relative to snapping closed to open case at 2nd Law applied with hope of quantum mechanics’ magic of unleashing hope backed by will-to live given actual reason, over all that law mechanism Act of God is warranted. Note here is intended to enlarge on points made in soundtrack @ 14;46 minutes in at Radio Ecoshock.


  2. Helene says:

    I understood everything!!!


  3. horsedrag says:

    I don’t get it. Seems scientists do not see the nose on their faces. WE DO NOT NEED TO PAUSE AND CONSIDER GLOBAL WARMING IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE. Phytoplankton absorbs sunlight and carbon dioxide and makes sugar and oxygen. We suck up plankton as oil that did this millions of years ago and liberate the sunlight in the form of fire by burning it creating carbon dioxide and heat (global warming) and creating plastic from its other properties. Now phytoplankton is ingesting PCB-laced marine microplastic spelling it’s demise. In reality, dead plankton is killing new plankton because of our intervention. Phytoplankton, the beginning and end of it all feeding the oceans and creating more than half of the world’s oxygen. Now add the clear-cutting of rainforests for meat production and add in the methane that produces and the fact that the forests and plankton can no longer convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and guess what? It’s over, a two percentage drop in world oxygen levels end it all, the oceans are done the air is next. Some cities are already there.


    • Vitzliputzli says:

      Nailed it. A few rich people will move to underground cities or Mars colony, but that’s what we can call an extinction level scenario for sure. It would be much easier to keep the balance on Earth vs terraforming Mars or re-creating life on Earth. Yet we blew it. My only hope is that a super volcano would erupt and throw the planet into a prolong ice age. That way we would at least avoid going Venus and there would be some hope of survival.


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  5. Hotdog Ernie says:

    More to come, it appears:


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